Classes begin with reflections upon Ikebana’s history and philosophy, from its ancient Shinto origins, evolving into a Buddhist monastic tradition, medieval Samurai discipline, and modern/abstract art form. Instruction is given in hands-on design and technique.

A $20 materials fee is requested for each class and can be paid at the time of the class. Branches and flowers are provided as well as tools, containers, and needle point holders. Each class is presented as a separate unit of study, enabling students to attend on a “drop-in” basis. Classes are designed with beginners in mind as well as accommodating those with more experience. The only requirement for registration is that you notify the instructor by phone or email within two days prior to the class date that you plan to attend.

Classes are held in the Fremont area

Nalanda West
3902 Woodland Park Ave N.
Seattle 98103

Instructor, Charles Coghlan, has studied Ikebana for 33 years and is a third level teacher of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Tokyo, Japan. The Sogetsu School’s modern approach to this ancient art focuses on fun and relaxation. We do our best to provide both—do feel free to join us anytime! Please call or email instructor for a quarterly calendar of classes offered and for any further information.

For questions,
or to set up a class:

(206) 789-4226

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